OPPA Systems provides a selection of unique tools that serve for different events.

Digital Badge

OPPA offers an unique designated digital badge to collect contact lead data and transmit to your device with only a few seconds. It's an effective and handy tool-set for marketers, not offers you a good hand to capture the data immediately, yet more importantly it counts individual's effort in building connections.

Facial Recognition

The technology applies for event registration that's helping to identify a person from a digital image. It's not only serves with minimal waiting time; yet it's a unique footprint for every registration.


The AR technology acts as an effective tools for event planning are very promising. To everything from a small seminar to high profile meetings as well as any conference. It can be used before, during, and after any event to aid your event planning process and wow your guests on the actual day.


OPPA believes its crucial for marketers to differentiate themselves and take an extra step. Bluetooth beacons are small devices that able to capture relatively accurate location with a designed range. It's enables marketers to acknowledge the participation patterns which can further analysis for upcoming communication.